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Imagine waking up every morning to a cup of tea that didn't taste bitter or bland. Instead, it was fresh, full leaf, high in quality and tastes delicious.
Before founding Brewer's Leaf Tea Co., I was always drinking tea made from those tea-bags that you would get from the grocery store.
Personally, I enjoy my tea plain and let's be honest, they didn't taste great at all… I’m sure many of you can relate. And there's a reason why they don't taste so great. 

Have you ever opened a tea-bag before? If not, you should open one up and take a look inside. You will notice one distinct quality about the tea leaf, it kind of looks like dust or powder doesn't it? As if it was put through a machine grinder.
Funny thing is… that's exactly what happens to almost every single tea leaf found within a tea-bag. They are the lowest quality possible when it comes to tea grading!

That's when I learned about single estate tea, also referred to as specialty tea or traditional tea. It all happened when my family came back from China and brought home a bag of single estate tea. So what is single estate tea?
To simply put it, single estate tea is made by people and not by machines. These types of teas are grown and farmed naturally in the mountains, then hand-picked and hand-crafted by master tea artisans. There are hundreds of variations and each single estate tea has its own complex, and unique flavours that you will come to enjoy.

I remembered my first one fondly; it was a type of green tea that tasted nothing like the regular green tea found in tea-bags. When I tried my first single estate tea, I was blown away. It didn’t look like powder, it wasn’t super bitter, or tasteless like those teas brewed from a tea-bag. Instead, it looked like a dried leaf and blooms like a flower when you pour hot water over it. It had this amazing aroma, it was refreshing, it had a honey-like sweet aftertaste, it was smooth, and had a slight astringency that made you crave for more.
To put it simply, I fell in love with single estate tea and I knew for sure that I wouldn’t be going back to drinking tea-bag teas.

I know that there are many people like me who are still drinking low quality teas and it's my mission to help them experience something better. I wanted to make it my personal mission to help educate and share my passion for single estate tea with as many people as I can. 
That's why I decided to start Brewer's Leaf Tea Co. The tea community in this world is huge and although single estate tea is very popular in the East, I felt that there is still not enough exposure here in the Western world.
If you love having your daily tea just as much as I do, I recommend giving single estate tea a try. We’ve sourced many different teas from China, Taiwan, and Japan to share with you. We’re not asking you to give up your favourite tea, but to try something new and experience a whole new world of tea.

- Anderson C. (Co-founder of Brewer’s Leaf Tea Co.)